Climate Change

Global warming puts our health, our economy and our precious places at risk. There is no escaping this reality.

But the climate challenge is also an opportunity to transform Australia into a carbon-neutral powerhouse that creates new jobs and a cleaner planet.

The world has embraced clean energy. The Greens' plans will bring on the next wave of technologies to help reduce our reliance on coal and gas fired power through a distributed energy system, including community-owned renewable energy generation, battery storage, electric vehicles and fast, affordable public transport systems.

Australians are one of the world’s highest per capita producers of greenhouse gas emissions and the biggest exporters of coal. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is taking positive action on tackling climate change.

Both Labor and Coalition governments in NSW have delivered disastrous environmental outcomes for NSW, including the rampant expansion of coal seam gas exploration and the privatisation of the electricity sector. There has been a complete failure to invest in a renewable energy economy.

We need to make NSW world leaders in taking action on climate change. The Federal Greens demanded Labor introduce legislation to seriously address climate change, through putting a price on carbon.
The Greens in NSW are working to:

  • Continue to introduce legislation in NSW that will increase renewable energy production, allowing the closure of all coal-fired power stations by 2030.
  • Create tens of thousands of jobs in the clean energy economy, including retraining and guaranteed work for displaced workers in the fossil fuel industry.
  • Support an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emission (of 1990 levels) by 2050.
  • Achieve 100% clean renewable electrical energy in NSW by 2030




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