Rainbow Revolution

Greens Launch ‘Equality and Frivolity without Fear’ Plan


Today at Fair Day, Greens LGBTIQ+ Spokesperson and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP launched the Greens “Equality and Frivolity without Fear” plan to coincide with the start of the Mardi Gras season in Sydney. She was joined by Jamie Parker MP (Member for Balmain), Senator Mehreen Faruqi, David Shoebridge MP (NSW Greens Justice spokesperson), Kym Chapple (Candidate for Heffron), Matthew Thompson (Candidate for Sydney - Fed), Jonathan Harms (Candidate for Sydney - State), Tom Raue (Candidate for Summer Hill) and a number of other candidates and supporters.




Jenny Leong MP said:

“This plan builds on the brave and bold actions of the 78ers who pushed for equality in the face of significant police brutality and state discrimination - their actions over four decades ago still inspire the ongoing push for equality, as well as the fun and frivolity that Fair Day and Mardi Gras bring to our city today.


“Our city and our state is long overdue for a rainbow revolution - that brings an end to discrimination entrenched in our laws and lifts the barriers to being able to celebrate free from intimidation and unreasonable restrictions.


“The Greens are committed to getting rid of these obstacles and restrictions to equality and frivolity so that everyone in our society is able to live, work and party free from fear.


“We know the right-wing conservatives, the homophobes and transphobes and the shock jocks won’t like our plans to put an end to religious exemptions in the Anti-Discrimination Act, strengthen protection and rights for intersex and queer communities, repeal the lock out laws and ban sniffer dogs - but inspired by the theme of this year’s Mardi Gras: Fearless, we are doing it anyway.


“Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer communities in Sydney and across NSW have been an inspiration when it comes to challenging unfair laws, speaking out about injustices, showing us how to celebrate and party in style and most importantly how to win equality.


“This is why we couldn’t think of a better place to launch this plan for a rainbow revolution in Sydney and across NSW than Fair Day.”


“The Greens are committed to making this plan a reality, which is why, if re-elected, I will introduce Bills to immediately repeal the lockouts and to put an end to exemptions in our Anti-Discrimination Act.”



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