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We are in a climate emergency. There can be no further delay in taking the steps we know are needed to respond to climate change and protect our future.

Both Labor and Coalition governments in NSW have delivered disastrous environmental outcomes, as they protect vested interests and refuse to end their addiction to coal.

The Greens have a plan for comprehensive reform that will transform Australia into a carbon-neutral powerhouse that creates new jobs and a cleaner planet.

Australia has one of the world’s highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions and we are one of the biggest exporters of coal. While global warming is a truly global issue, there’s a lot we can do in Australia’s most populous state to be a world leader and take meaningful action that will have a real impact.

Jenny and the Greens want immediate action to:

  • Transition to 100% renewables and close all NSW coal-fired power stations by 2030
  • End coal mining and ban political donations from the fossil fuel industry
  • Make all homes and public buildings carbon neutral
  • Create tens of thousands of jobs in the clean energy economy, while retraining and guaranteeing work for displaced workers from the fossil fuel industry
  • Develop a reliable network of EV charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Secure a fair price for feeding solar power back into the grid
  • Ensure that impact on climate is a consideration for every bill introduced to the NSW Parliament

Jenny’s climate action work includes:

For more detail on the Greens’ plan to address climate change:



Sydney is a vibrant, dynamic city that’s at risk of being ruined by private developers, vested-interests and shock-jocks.

Our city has been locked down, our cultural icons have been rented out to the gambling industry and our green spaces have been bull-dozed to make way for toll roads.

We have a vision for a city that is livable, sustainable and diverse. This means investing in public and affordable housing, green space, community facilities, public transport and recreational facilities. It means embracing innovative design and sustainable technologies.  It means engaging in meaningful consultation with communities.

The government's Urban Growth strategy has no targets for affordable housing, sustainability or open space. There are no guarantees that their new and expanded neighbourhoods will have the critical infrastructure they need such as schools, sporting fields, medical facilities or public transport.

Jenny and the Greens know Sydney needs:

  • Safe, secure and affordable housing with significantly more high-quality public, community and affordable housing
  • Big investment in public-owned public transport, cycleways and walkways
  • Beautiful green spaces, parks and play areas
  • A people-centred approach to planning that stops overdevelopment and creates services in local communities
  • Support for our cultural and creative industries, with funding for community centres, artist spaces and artists
  • Banning corporate donations to political parties to reduce the influence of vested interests in policy making
  • Affordable and secure housing for everyone, not just the wealthy

Jenny’s work includes:



Investing in public services is good for our community and our future. Public education, public transport and public health services provide universal benefits for everyone who uses them, as well as an essential safety net for people doing it tough.

Yet, the NSW Liberal-National government is on a privatisation rampage. They’re selling off our valuable public assets to make a quick buck - to the long-term detriment of every person in NSW.

This privatisation agenda has to stop.

The Greens want the public interest to be put first, with smart, evidence-based investment in public services that remain in public hands.

Jenny and the Greens are demanding:

  • Investment in free, high-quality public education and healthcare, including early childhood and mental health care
  • An end to the sell-off of bus networks and the privatisation of mass-transport
  • Increased investment in public aged care, to ensure dignity and security for everybody in their later years
  • Urgent action to address public housing waiting lists, with safe and secure housing available for everyone who needs it
  • Stop the sell-off of public land and invest in community infrastructure, including publicly-owned housing

Jenny’s work includes:


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