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Marrickville Council met on 10 November the Council supported the Labor Mayor’s proposal that includes a “Plan B” that would see Marrickville Council lost, and merged with Ashfield and Leichhardt.

Greens Marrickville Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore said, “The Greens are concerned that the Labor Mayors for Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield have given the Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole, the impression that our Councils wish to merge, when the resolutions adopted by all three Councils last night explicitly opposed any voluntary amalgamation.” You can read the full statement here.

We need to make sure councils stay strong and stand up against the Baird Government’s forced amalgamations


Despite community opposition, the Baird government continues to push ahead with its plan for Council amalgamations across NSW.

The Greens believe that the recent IPART report into local councils involved a flawed process that gave a rigged outcome. It recommended that of the 152 statewide councils, 103 councils merge, even though the vast majority were assessed as being financially 'fit'. A NSW Parliamentary Inquiry has recommended that the government reject IPART’s findings.

Marrickville Council is one of the councils targeted for amalgamation.

Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore says:

"Marrickville Council does not support forced amalgamations. The community has told us it does not want Marrickville to merge with neighbouring Councils, and we will explore every avenue to protect our strong Council and the community services it provides."

"Marrickville and surrounding Councils, including Leichhardt, Ashfield and Strathfield – were found to meet all the criteria to be ‘fit’, except ‘scale and capacity’. Under the rigged criteria Marrickville Council could have a billion dollars in the bank and we would still have been found ‘unfit’, because we’d still be too small in the government’s eyes."

Add your voice to our call to keep Marrickville Council local and independent.

To Marrickville Councilors:

The people of Marrickville appreciate the services and advocacy delivered by Our Council. We reject the state government’s "Fit for the Future" assessments, handed down by IPART, as an ad-hoc measure tailored to force an unnecessary merger. We instruct all councillors to stand up for the residents who voted for you. The councillors of Marrickville were democratically elected to serve their constituents and this is our voice.
There is no evidence that services improve when councils are amalgamated. In fact, specialised services that our community loves so much, such as Council run-childcare & community festivals, will be threatened. The cost of amalgamations will be many millions of dollars, rates are likely to increase (as happened in Victoria, Queensland and Auckland) and individual ratepayers will inevitably get less access to their local Councillors if mega-councils are created.
The undersigned petitioners ask the Council to:
  1. Listen to community calls to keep Marrickville Council local and independent.
  2. Not cave into state government threats and put forward a voluntary amalgamation plan.
  3. Tell Premier Mike Baird that our community calls on his government to institute the Parliamentary Inquiry recommendations and commit to no forced council amalgamations.
  4. Continue to represent the needs of our local community and ensure that residents get the access to and advocacy from their council that they deserve.

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