Greens Launch Renters' Rights Initiative

NSW Greens launch initiative to 'Stand Up for Renters'

Today NSW Greens candidate for Newtown Jenny Leong was joined by Australian Greens Housing spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlum and Greens MP for Balmain Jamie Parker to launch an initiative to strengthen renters’ rights in NSW. The ‘Standing Up for Renters‘ campaign is to update tenancy laws to reflect the increase in long-term renting, especially in inner Sydney suburbs.

Sydney Morning Herald (p 9):

Jenny Leong, Greens candidate for Newtown said: 

"If elected, I will introduce a bill to the lower house that updates tenancy laws to reflect the changing housing market. The NSW Greens Bill will:

  • Increase security of tenure by ending 'no grounds' evictions
  • Allow rent increases only once per year
  • Allow annual rent increases at no more than CPI (around 2-3% per year)
"Sydney is one of the least affordable places to live worldwide, and long-term renting is becoming a new normal. Most landlords do the right thing, but it's not good enough that dodgy landlords can kick tenants out without giving a reason," Ms Leong said.
"The average cost to rent a two bedroom apartment or house in Redfern has jumped from $350 to a staggering $650 a week in the last ten years. In Surry Hills it now costs and outrageous $740 a week to rent a two bedroom house. Current Sydney rent prices place a huge number of local residents in rental stress."
"People in the community are telling us that they live in areas like Newtown, Chippendale and Surry Hills because of the diversity. The Greens' plan will help keep inner Sydney affordable and diverse."
"If these initiatives had been in place over the last 10 years, average rents would have risen 38% - not 77% as we've actually seen. That would have been a saving $126 a week for renters in a a 2 bedroom house," Ms Leong said.  
Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said:
"One third of Australians are renters, which shows the collective power renters could have to strengthen their tenancy rights."
“Landlords have considerable power over the lives of tenants and are able to offer rental housing to prospective tenants on a take it or leave it basis. The Greens understand the need to protect the legitimate interests of landlords, but it is time to set a level playing field that is nationally consistent and enforceable.”
“With housing choice and affordability declining to crisis levels over the last decade, an increasing proportion of Australians now see renting as their only option - including ‘renters for life’. The time to improve the supply of affordable rentals and the rights and conditions of tenants is well overdue,” said Senator Ludlam.
Greens MP for Balmain Jamie Parker said:
"Renting is the norm for so many people in the inner city and we need to create some balance in the regulation and laws that affect that community. Renters around Sydney need security of tenure so that they can continue to be part of our vibrant communities."
"Inner Sydney has seen a significant increase in rent over the last ten years. We need to act now to help create more stability for renters and preserve our communities in areas such as my electorate of Balmain."

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